Reptar - 'Body Faucet'

A party band that are deft at being daft

  • Release Date 02 Jul, 2012
  • Producer Ben Allen
  • Record Label Lucky Number
  • Fact Ben Allen has also produced for Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective and Washed Out
6 / 10
Named after the dinosaur from Rugrats, this four-piece from Athens, Georgia take the art of silliness very seriously indeed. They’re a party band: the kind that would appear to make a mission out of irritating fans of serious music, simply because those (mostly) guys are no fun at all to be around. By consequence, debut ‘Body Faucet’’s laudably disrespectful hijack of the last decade’s most revered sounds (think Vampire Weekend if they weren’t so pleased with themselves) is both sublime and ridiculous – often at the same time. It over-stretches at almost an hour, but Reptar are seldom anything less than deft at being daft.
Edward Thomas

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