Album review: Robert Plant - Band Of Joy (Decca/Rounder)

A creatively-lacking, bluesy folk outing from ol' Bob

It’s been a long time since any of Led Zeppelin were endowed with supreme and imperious powers, but what to do when you’re a living legend and the creative well runs dry? Being a vice-president of his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers FC gets Bob out of the house at the weekend and his Grammy-winning ‘Raising Sand’ album with Alison Krauss probably felt like vindication of a sort. However, there’s little here that titillates or taxes. Blues, folk and bluegrass reworkings of old favourites pass muster, and two glowering covers of songs by Minnesota’s Low are engaging. Still, ‘Band Of Joy’ is an essential purchase... if your dad is having a birthday this month.

Jeremy Allen

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6 / 10

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