Sunshine And Grease

Royal Trux Sunshine And Grease Domino

Royal Trux

Sunshine And Grease (Domino)

Immaculate aesthetic and everything, but Royal Trux have been

responsible for their fair share of off-days. Anyone foolish enough to have

exhumed the vaults will be aware that they've made, in 'Twin Infinitives',

the worst album of all time - and while, hell, they've certainly had their

moments, even that last album was a bit of stinker, wasn't it? True to sporadic

form, 'Sunshine And Grease' is more, um, intriguing than thrilling, sounding as

it does like a Spinal Tap-esque onstage overdose played back in slo-mo, as

a truckload of cowbells falls down the stairs in the background. Sure, when

Herrema and Hagerty join each other in caterwauling harmony,

yelping like a pair of rutting gutter-bred strays, there's a thrilling reminder

of what makes Royal Trux the occasional mistimed bender of squalid good

fun. But as B-side 'Zing Zang' disintegrates in mid-guitar solo, one must

surely conclude that the Trux, they have a genius for something. If we

ever find out what, rest assured, you'll be the first to know.

Louis Pattison

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