Seams - 'Tourist/Sleeper'

This double EP more than deserves your attention

  • Release Date 30 Jul, 2012
  • Record Label Full Time Hobby
7 / 10
The first half of this scorching double EP – ‘Tourist’ – is a welcome re-release of older material: four tracks of slouching, melancholic, but light-footed micro-funk made when Seams relocated to Berlin (which these days is bursting at the, ahem, seams with British expat electronic artists). The intricate melody etched into the lolloping bassline of ‘Nachtmusik’ is a wonderful thing, but the darker material on ‘Sleeper’ (the second EP) has an eerie, slow-mo charm all of its own, and final track ‘The Long Wait’ steals the show with cascading synths that weave a sinister, seductive spell. Its brooding and beautiful electronic music, and it more than deserves your attention.

Adam Corner

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