Album Review: Serj Tankian - Imperfect Harmonies (Serjical Strike)

System Of A Drown frontman comes out with guns blazing on a misanthropic sophmore effort

You’d have thought Serj Tankian would have something to cheer about given the financial crisis, but the Socialist Worker salesman of rock is more misanthropic than ever on ‘Imperfect Harmonies’. “Corporatocracy! What a hypocrisy! Aristocracy verses democracy!” he roars familiarly. With a name that sounds like a conquering war-machine, he’s definitely come out fighting this time, and may yet relinquish the shadow of savage Armenian folk-metal loons System Of A Down thanks to the schizoid eclecticism here. Mixing the exotic sounds of Laibach, Sparks and forgotten camp Euro-disco heroes Army Of Lovers, he’s on to a winner even if he feels he’s losing the corporate fight.

Jeremy Allen

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7 / 10

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