Shit Robot - 'We Got A Love'

DFA act mixes acid prog, disco and house in irresistible style

  • Release Date 17 Mar, 2014
  • Record Label DFA
  • Shit Robot - 'We Got A Love'
This sleek second album from DFA's Shit Robot (aka Marcus Lambkin) is as indebted as ever to the pioneering noises that seeped out of America's house strongholds in the second half of the ’80s – call it renovated house – without ever feeling like pastiche. Lambkin is a follower, not an innovator, but his taste is pure and his references precise, with 'Do It (Right)' asking if "you know how to jack your body" and 'Feels Real' sounding like disco man-diva Sylvester transplanted to 1987 Chicago. Elsewhere, the acid prog of 'Space Race' recalls Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis' Virgo project as Lambkin ticks every old skool box in irresistible floor-filling style.

Matthew Horton

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