Shocking Pinks

Shocking Pinks

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If you were confused by DFA’s recent signing of Prinzhorn Dance School,

you might just struggle with this lot. In the case of Shocking Pinks, otherwise known as New Zealander Nick Harte, plenty of people just ain’t gonna be able to get past the (lack of) sound quality. Harte isn’t just inspired by shambolic 1980s indie icons like New Order, My Bloody Valentine and The Pastels; his songs actually sound like they were recorded on a completely knackered four-track, circa 1986, to be given away as a flexidisc with some long lost fanzine. Once you’ve adjusted to the murk, however, you’ll find some moreishly bittersweet, deliriously urgent indie-drone pop anthems. The chiming, drum machine-powered ‘This Aching Deal’ or ‘End Of The World’, born aloft on heavenly, reedy synths, are luminous and definitely worth listening to.

Tony Naylor
7 / 10

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