Slugabed - 'Time Team'

Intergalactic, ambient drug music

  • Release Date 07 May, 2012
  • Record Label Ninja Tune
  • Fact Slugabed is 23-year-old Greg Feldwick from Bath.
6 / 10
Slugabed (aka a man called Greg) said in an interview recently that “fannies, pubes and nervousness” inspired this, his debut album. Lulz. This might be true, but Aphex Twin, J Dilla, computer games and space also inspired it, because ‘Time Team’ is intergalactic, ambient, Rustie-ish drug music set to snare kicks and sturdy hip-hop beats that at its best is deliciously mind-bending. ‘Moonbeam Rider’ is a puzzle and hurts to listen to, while ‘Unicorn Suplex’ and ‘Sex’ are playful but sound wilfully complicated. Listening to music you actually have to work out sure makes a train journey fly by. Song titles like ‘Mountains Come Out Of The Sky’ hint at Slugabed laying tracks down using a mind that is operating on a higher plane. Remarkably there’s only one bit of total madness, on ‘Grandma Paints Nice’, which sounds like sleazy lift music. But bearing in mind the song title, there’s a good chance it’s not meant to be taken too seriously.

Tom Howard

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