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Being weird - it's the new Rock'N'Roll, don't you know....

BEING WEIRD - IT'S THE NEW ROCK'N'ROLL, DON'T you know. In the wake of absolute blithering lunacy from the likes of Badly Drawn Boy and - nib! - Gomez, here trundle mysterious fivesome Fraff. And they've written a song called 'You Won't Believe It Till Somebody Smacks You In The Mouth'. Double nib!

Quite good it is, too, as is most of this pleasingly teasing seven-track affair. Occasionally sounding not unlike Edwyn Collins with a rather aggressive hangover, 'It's A Long Way...' is a feisty concoction of idiosyncratic noises and cannily struck guitars, all delivered with deadpan efficiency.

Predictably, one of the weirdest things is how Fraff's songs aren't that weird at all when you strip away all the layers: 'California' is a live-wire affair, a tremendously meaty two minutes, while 'Protect Yourself' goes off on some berserk funk tangent, chased straight out of the garage by a fierce organ and a very upset harmonica.

One other thing: Fraff are actually one of the privileged few 'left-field' acts to sneak on to the miserable Xfm playlist. Now, that is weird...

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