Soulsavers - 'The Light The Dead See'

A perfect pairing

  • Release Date 21 May, 2012
  • Producer Rich Machin, Ian Glover
  • Record Label Cooperative/V2
  • Fact They are also known as The Soulsavers Soundsystem
8 / 10
The idea came about when Soulsavers were hand-selected to support Depeche Mode on their 2009 tour – a dressing room “We should really…” chat that became reality. Dave Gahan (who provides all vocals here) and mainman Rich Machin have spoken about how much they have re-energised each other, and it shows. Initially it’s strange to hear that instantly identifiable baritone clashing with organic, rough-edged guitars, dirty Hammond organ, and delicate strings rather than the cold electronics of the day job, but it soon reveals itself to be a perfect pairing. ‘I Can’t Stay’, in particular, is absolutely beautiful.

Hamish MacBain

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