Sound Of Guns - 'Angels & Enemies'

Overblown and crammed with silly ideas

  • Release Date 05 Mar, 2012
  • Producer Dave Eringa
  • Record Label Distiller
  • Fact The band recorded the album at the Distillery in Bath.
3 / 10
You want big? These boys have got it. Every track of Sound Of Guns’ U2-aping rock bluster lights the fuse, pours on a Big Concept (a hell of a lot of apocalypse), and sits back for the kaboom. The trouble is, ‘Angels & Enemies’ (the title alone should be enough of a warning) is so overblown there are bits of it scattered all over the neighbourhood.

The Liverpudlians’ second album is crammed with silly ideas aplenty (we’re talking hackneyed strings, gospel backing vocals, charmless soloing, naff lyrical metaphors), especially in ‘Silicon’ and ‘The Whites Of Your Eyes’. By ignoring the golden rule that less is more, ‘Angels & Enemies’ blows up in its makers’ faces.

Luke Turner

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