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Aided by the turntable skills of fellow funk fetishist [B]Si Begg[/B], the [B]Super_Collider[/B] live experience lasts for a very long hour...

For some people, a change can be too much. At the end of their thoroughly bemusing set, Brighton's Super_Collider are greeted by a chorus of boos and a smattering of dutiful applause. It makes sense, though: if you go to a techno night, you expect techno, not warped P-funk and erratic breaks played by two men in white leather Elvis suits.

One of these two is Jamie Lidell. Remember the name. Beside him, young techno veteran Cristian Vogel concentrates on forging dislocated loops and mangled house grooves from his machines. Together they are Super_Collider, twisted souls doing twisted soul, and together they make music sound fresh and exciting again. At least, they do on record, as last year's phenomenal 'Darn Cold Way O' Lovin'' single continues to decimate dancefloors even today.

Aided by the turntable skills of fellow funk fetishist Si Begg, the Super_Collider live experience lasts for a very long hour. Some of it, like the sub-aqua Stevie Wonder growling of 'It Won't Be Long', is tantalisingly close to brilliance, while substantial segments are freestyled improvisations, incoherent and indigestible cut'n'paste excursions that try our patiences and level out any previous highs.

Teething problems, hopefully, because soon Super_Collider will be inescapable. Consider yourself warned.
6 / 10

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