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Halfway through a track called [B]'Toilletes Imagination'[/B] it occurs that [a]Pop Off Tuesday[/a] really have thrown the kitchen sink, as well as a harp, a cat and [I]The Clangers[/I], into the mix.

Halfway through a track called 'Toilletes Imagination' it occurs that Pop Off Tuesday really have thrown the kitchen sink, as well as a harp, a cat and The Clangers, into the mix. Sometimes this record sounds like backing music for a Polish animation. At others, it is the soundtrack to a film of the future.

Fair play. Pop Off Tuesday are a Japanese duo called Hiroki and Minori who have followed up last year's fantastically logic-defying 'Unworldly' single with a suitably berserk album. Think jazz. Drink electronica. Mutter, "Solex. And Cibo Matto." And then smell the utterly beguiling weirdness inherent within these 12 squabbling, squealing noisescapes, all battered sweet symphonies and industrial surges laced with mischievous intent.

At one point trip-hop finally meets clip-clop, due to the judicious use of horses' hooves effects in 'A Field Of Blue Clover'. At another, during 'Evil Dance', there is much singing in cheerily Bjvrkoid English as Pop Off Tuesday push out their very own photocopied version of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds', which if nothing else fits in with the fucked-up psychedelia of the artwork.

There is an elephant on the front of this record.

Yes, there is.
4 / 10

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