Album review: Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy (Roadrunner)

Stick to the day job, Corey Taylor; Stone Sour's third is predictably over-wrought and boring

It’s a source of unending bafflement why Corey Taylor, as lynchpin of Slipknot, the most essential metal band of their generation, should have wanted to form Stone Sour in the first place. Their uniquely dour brand of over-earnest, borderline-misogynist issue-ridden dull-rock has nevertheless become huge in its own right and this third set, undoubtedly accomplished, is no less hateful for it by its very nature. Just when you think ‘Audio Secrecy’ can get no more infuriating, you find the most overwrought of the ballads lodging their tunes inside the melodic part of your cranium. Precision-driven horribleness.

Dan Martin
3 / 10

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