Stooshe – ‘Stooshe’

Their default setting is a kind of Amy Lambrini-house Fauxtown

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Let’s be honest here: Stooshe releasing a cover of bloody ‘Waterfalls’ – with or without TLC in the video – as a tee-up single for their debut album is not the best or boldest move in the world ever. Especially when back in January they were in NME banging on about how “We do what we want, most bands get moulded by evil labels into something they’re not,” etc etc. And even if it is their own decision, it’s still a lame one. Plus they are the new faces of Furbee, the eyelash-batting robotic cuddly toy, which obviously is not wildly inspiring, either. Musically, their default setting is a kind of Amy Lambrini-house Fauxtown that they invest with a minor amount of charm on ‘Black Heart’ and ‘Fuck Me’ (which of course now, rubbishly, is ‘Love Me’). It all grates severely, though, over 40-odd minutes. Can this please, please be the last of these ’orrible plastic ’60s soul albums, by anyone? Please?

Hamish MacBain
4 / 10

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