Summer Camp - 'Always' EP

Music to hold hands to

  • Release Date 09 Jul, 2012
  • Producer Summer Camp, Hal Williams
  • Record Label Moshi Moshi
  • Fact Odd Future rapper Pyramid Vritra guests on the single version of 'City'
6 / 10
There’s a lot that’s really, really annoying about Summer Camp duo and actual couple Jeremy Walmsley and Elizabeth Sankey. That whole “we invented an area of Los Angeles called Condale to pretend we live there” thing. Their impossible to navigate website. The way every song sounds like people holding hands. But there’s also a lot about the two Brits that’s pretty agreeable. Lead single ‘Always’ has a disco-version-of-Hot-Chip thing going on. ‘Life’ boasts an LCD Soundsystem versus Donna Summer vibe. And the best tune here is ‘Outside’, with its playful little bassline and Sankey’s vocals chirping like a dawn chorus. Ultimately, though, the decision you have to make with Summer Camp is this: do you want dance music that’ll stop your feet moving by throwing some thought-provoking lyrics in your direction? Or dance music that’ll make you wanna, you know, dance? Because let’s be honest here, you can only really have the former with Summer Camp.
Tom Howard
Summer Camp - 'Down'
Video: Summer Camp - 'Down'

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