The Evil Powers Of Rock 'N' Roll

"It ain't so cool to look at naked ladies any more", muses [a]Sucker[/a] supremo [B]Eddie Spaghetti[/B], with touching regret....

"It ain't so cool to look at naked ladies any more", muses Sucker supremo Eddie Spaghetti, with touching regret. It's almost ten years on from the days when the Supersuckers' hot rod grunge-metal added a redneck party voice to Sub Pop's chorus of dour skagheads. And things sure have changed down at the R&R corral.

Next to the savage nihilism of Korn or Slipknot, 'The Evil Powers of Rock 'N' Roll' - the 'Suckers' sixth LP proper - initially sounds anything but. Much like Rocket From The Crypt, the Supersuckers' retro ruckus might seem quaint in the old eyes of today's vicious teens; a charming relic from those pre-Manson days when evil amounted to poker and lust, and bad behaviour equalled good times, rather than Columbine.

Theirs is, in short, an old-skool evil that you don't need real blood on your hands to believe in - just a love of Motvrhead. 'I Want The Drugs' revels excellently in high times, 'Fisticuffs' celebrates a bar-room brawl, while 'My Kickass Life' and 'Goin' Back To Tucson' wave two heavily be-ringed fingers at the suburban mediocrity rock has saved the 'Suckers from. Faith restored - and then some.
8 / 10

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