Album Review: Teeth Of The Sea, 'Your Mercury' (Rocket)

Psychedelic sophistication at its best

For London’s Teeth Of The Sea – specialists in hypnotic droning mayhem – success is overdue. Sure, debut LP ‘Orphaned By The Ocean’ garnered underground kudos, but it’s the task of this follow-up to make a lasting impact. Accordingly, the quartet take us on a turbo-charged romp through space, during which we’re experimented upon with post-rock guitar onslaughts and propulsive whooshing – the stuff a Doctor Who composer might hear in their dreams. The astral sparks of a]Fuck Buttons[/a] are made to sound positively amateurish by the otherworldly ‘Cemetery Magus’ and ‘ACRONYM’. TOTS are making some of the most exciting sounds since the Big Bang.

Ash Dosanjh

9 / 10

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