Album Review: Teeth - 'Whatever'

Electro Riff Ridden Music For Drunken Nightime Listening

  • Release Date 19 Sep, 2011
  • Record Label Moshi Moshi
  • Fact They managed to hack Lady Gaga's twitter
7 / 10
At 6am when you crawled into your flat with eyes vibrating like tennis balls in a washing machine, you swore you’d never go clubbing again. But now it’s nearly midnight, you’ve had twelve Jägerbombs and you feel amazing, if also on the verge of tears. Time then for London three-piece Teeth’s ‘Whatever’. It’s a collection of booming jagged electro riffs, Chicks On Speed vocals and high-bpm galloping breaks. This is catchier than Justice and heavier than The Big Pink, if even less subtle than both of them. Like unexpected prison sex on Christmas
Day, it may provoke a mixture of conflicting emotions, but none of them are likely to be boredom.

John Doran

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