Tenacious D - 'Rize Of The Phoenix'

An epic fail

  • Release Date 28 May, 2012
  • Producer John Kimbrough, John King
  • Record Label Columbia
  • Fact Dave Grohl is the guest drummer on this album
Yeah, it’s “hilarious”, if you’re the kind of person who still likes air drumming to ‘Eye Of The Tiger’. Well sorry Jack (and other dude), but sadly your album has landed in the lap of someone who still believes in all the stuff that you, since the turn of the century with your School Of Rock schtick, have helped turn into the ironic property of youth-focused Saturday morning British TV presenters. Oh sorry, you’re American, aren’t you? Well, TV presenters like Steve Jones, who just got sacked from American Idol? He’s one. You’re responsible for making people like that smirk about how much they love “rocking out”, while devil horning and sticking their tongue out and wearing faded Led Zep T-shirts. Thanks a lot.
Hamish MacBain

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