Tensnake - 'Glow'

Not even two guest appearances by Nile Rodgers can save the German DJ from by-the-numbers cheesiness

  • Release Date 10 Mar, 2014
  • Record Label Virgin
  • Tensnake - 'Glow'
4 / 10
The house-pop takeover led by Disclosure and Gorgon City has been an undeniably refreshing breeze through a chart that’s often ruled by David Guetta and Calvin Harris. A template has now been set out for success in the genre, though, and this major-label debut from German DJ and producer Tensnake has the whiff of a by-the-numbers job about it. Luckily, Nile Rodgers appears twice here, popping up on disco revival tracks 'Love Sublime' and 'Good Enough To Keep' and bringing a star quality sadly lacking elsewhere on the album's cheesier side ('Feel Of Love'). Ultimately, 'Glow' will live or die on the strength of its singles. On this evidence, Tensnake seems to be missing that key part of his blueprint.

David Renshaw

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