Album Review: The Avett Brothers - 'I And Love And You'

An unconvincing stab at mainstream country

Six albums in, and a move to a major label finds the Avett siblings in dubious territory. Buoyed by years of toilet circuit success, the clumsily titled ‘I And Love And You’ is essentially the band’s first shot at big-time success. It’s a grandiose (Rick Rubin produces), earnest affair that sheds the trio’s earthy realness for a glossy veneer which is sometimes thrilling (the majestic ‘And It Spread’) but often, well, nothing more than an unconvincing stab at that most scary of concepts: mainstream country. There’s talent here, for sure – but you can’t help but wonder if the fabled tour support slots with Dave Matthews Band or Ben Folds will actually be worth the change in direction.

Matt Wilkinson

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6 / 10

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