The Beach Boys - 'That's Why God Made The Radio'

A sound which screams 'past their heyday'

  • Release Date 04 Jun, 2012
  • Producer Brian Wilson, Paul Fauerso
  • Record Label EMI
  • Fact This is their 29th studio album
6 / 10
The news that Brian Wilson had rejoined The Beach Boys should have been greeted with the fervour of a Smiths reunion. That it wasn’t is largely due to the band’s wretched output over the past three decades, including the nauseous ‘Kokomo’. The Boys’ return is being sold as a throwback to ‘Pet Sounds’, and at times that’s tantalisingly close to the truth: ‘Think About The Days’ is a haunting piece of harmony straight from the ’60s, while the title track has flashes of the orchestral pop genius that flowered back in 1966. Sadly, it doesn’t last, and the band swiftly revert to the gilded AOR that has become their default setting. It’s good to have them back – but only just.
Ben Cardew

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