Album Review: The Concretes - WYWH (Something In Construction)

Despite a couple of good tracks, WYWH still feels pointless and half-arsed

It’s now two records and four years since singer Victoria Bergsman fucked off, and while she’s musically explored Pakistan on her solo project Taken By Trees‘East Of Eden’, The Concretes still feel like a band that’ve had their heads lopped off but are too busy legging it around the yard to do the decent thing and drop dead. It’s not even that ‘WYWH’ is that bad an album; opener ‘Good Evening’ is a beautiful, brooding six-and-a-half minutes of classy slo-mo disco, while ‘Oh My Love’ harks back to their Velvets-aping beginnings. It’s just that it all feels so pointless and half-arsed that it’s impossible to muster more than an apathetic shrug in judgement.

Mike Williams

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4 / 10

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