The Coral - The Curse Of Love

The Wirral psych-folk group sate appetites with a 'lost' album of dream-like beauties

  • Release Date 20 Oct, 2014
  • Record Label Skeleton Key
8 / 10
Wirral space cowboys The Coral are currently on one of those extended hiatuses, so it's a neat trick to pull a 'new' album out of the can to keep the embers glowing. Recorded between 2005's 'The Invisible Invasion' and 2007's 'Roots & Echoes', 'The Curse Of Love' is a neat record, filled with the mystic folk and lithe psychedelia that made them so refreshing back in the day. The knowledge that it was produced on a Tascam eight-track recorder adds to the dusted off aesthetic, but the real goods are in the dream-like, Lennon-flavoured beauty of 'Gently' and the powerful fuzz-bombs of 'The Watcher In The Distance', songs that should never have gathered dust in the first place.

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