Album Review: The Dodos - No Color (Wichita)

A wise addition to The Dodo's line up brings warmth and exuberance

Now shorn of vibraphonist Keaton Snyder, San Francisco’s The Dodos remain a three-piece with the addition of alt.country chanteuse Neko Case. The sometime New Pornographer is a welcome recruit; it’s her vocal tone – warm, searching, a bit like a pixie gargling butter – that loosens the collar of the band’s sometimes metronomic acoustic rock.

You see it on ‘Sleep’, which is like a Howard Hawks western scoring The Mountain Goats, where previously it might have been the reverse. In truth, the best number, staccato stomper ‘Companions’, would be a good song even without her. Yet with, it sounds like the product of a band finding something they’ve spent three records looking for.

James McMahon


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7 / 10

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