The Hundred In The Hands - 'Red Night'

A pleasant but safe creation

  • Release Date 18 Jun, 2012
  • Producer The Hundred In The Hands
  • Record Label Warp
6 / 10
THITH have long had the whiff of a duo who hammer out their electro ditties courtesy of a rigorous instruction booklet. Thank heavens, then, that they’ve paid less heed to the well-thumbed manuals on ‘Red Night’ and spruced things up: there’s still no great balls-to-the-wall experimentation, and the limp likes of ‘Come With Me’ are distressingly safe slices of ElectroIndie 101. But the woozy, slow-burn banger ‘Empty Stations’ and eerie, otherworldly synth-pop of ‘Stay The Night’ are testimonies to the virtue of loosening one’s top button, ditching the spit’n’sawdust functionality of yore and taking the odd plunge into the unknown.

Ben Hewitt

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