Album Review: The Piney Gir Country Roadshow - Jesus Wept (Damaged Goods)

Bloated try-hard lyrics and songs without vitality - Jesus would indeed weep

If you’re gonna write Springsteen-esque paeans to runnin’ away (‘40 Days & Nights’) or sing lines like “Why can’t mankind just get along?” (‘Master/Mistress’) or, indeed, call your third album ‘Jesus Wept’, you need to do it with some fuckin’ vigour. And there’s no vigour here. At all. What there is, is a relentless backdrop of the sort of insipid, beige cunt-ree music that gives country music a bad name, and lots of passionless drivel on the top. When Miss Gir sings, “I went to your funeral just to check you were dead” (on ‘I’m Better Off Without A Piece Of A Shell Of A Man’), you feel nothing.

Hamish McBain

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3 / 10

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