Album Review: The Rifles - 'Freedom Run'

Exudes bright harmonies and even brighter guitars

  • Release Date 19 Sep, 2011
  • Record Label Right Hook Records
  • Fact In 2009, their Italian tour was cut short after the drummer flirted with a Sicilian promoter’s wife
8 / 10
The Rifles continue to happen without anybody’s permission. Yeah, to the folk more interested in S.C.U.M’s conceptual art at the Shacklewell Arms, they’re scoff-worthy. But to the 5,000 who snapped up tickets for their Brixton Academy show (and plenty of similar-sized venues), they’re heroes. To cut to the chase, this third album is as good a guitar-pop set as you’ll hear all year: bright harmonies, brighter guitars, string stabs, handclaps and every classic songwriter trick in the book. Two songs – ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Coming Home’ – talk of “moving on”. Perhaps the scoffers in their phonebox-sized venues should heed those words with regards tor their perception of this band.

Hamish MacBain

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