Rolling Stones : Los Angeles Staples Centre

LA, you've been well and truly tricked and treated...

Ten good reasons to go see the Stones tonight (and one or two regrets…)

It's October 31st, so Keef says "Halloween. One night for you. Every night for me!"

They come straight on and do 'Street Fighting Man'

Mick Jagger wears a crow mask for 'SFM' and Keef - his face a cross between Freddie Kruger and an elephant's ass - still looks scarier.

They play songs from 'Let It Bleed' and 'Exile On Main Street' - their two greatest albums - and don't mess with any of that '80s junk.

The rumours about Ronnie are right. He's off the sauce and playing great. His lap steel on 'Love In Vain' is sultry and awesome.

One regret: It's Halloween so surely to Christ (or the other one) they could do 'Sympathy For The Devil'. Or maybe Mick's still got the voodoo about playing it in California, the Altamont State.

Another regret: They've got tons of fantastic, epoch-defining songs that we're gagging to hear so why do a big girl's blouse version of The O'Jay's 'Love Train' instead of, say, 'Paint It, Black'. Duh!

Back to the good stuff:

They do Muddy Waters' blues standard 'Mannish Boy' and it sounds so rough and ready-to-rumble Jack White would be proud.

The video work on the big screens has to be seen to be believed. They've even got something rigged up at the end of Ronnie's guitar so you can see down the frets as he's playing. It's like rock 'n' roll playercam!

Keef saying: "It's good to be back…it's good to be anywhere!"

You can run your keys down the side of some awesome stretch limos outside.

The chicks in the front row at The Strokes gig the next night are well impressed you've seen the Stones. They're like, "Is it true that they didn't go on until 11.30 'cos

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