Album Review: The Strange Boys - 'Live Music'

If The Strange Boys were Brits, they'd officially be a big deal by now

  • Release Date 24 Oct, 2011
  • Producer Jim Eno and Mike McHugh
  • Record Label Rough Trade
  • Fact Their track 'Be Brave' was used in the promotional video of Kate Moss' Topshop clothing range
8 / 10
Now shorn of the barbed sax notes that graced breakthrough song ‘Be Brave’, Austin’s Strange Boys get back to being the best fuck-ups in town, obliquely odd dealers of great songsmithery that they are. There’s a latent funk feel to ‘Live Music’ that you feel would do the vintage Stones proud, and like that band’s greatest output, lashings of death, doom and haughty kinkiness are the order of the day here. “I’m surprised you’re still alive”, leader Ryan Sambol howls believably at one point, while ‘Me And You’ is – shout it out loud – one of the coolest songs of the year. If The Strange Boys were Brits, you get the impression they’d officially be a big deal by now.

Matt Wilkinson

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