The Thermals

The Body, The Blood, The Machine

The Thermals
Another exponent of the indiest city on Earth (other residents include The Gossip and Modest Mouse), Portland’s Thermals recently refused $50,000 to license a song to General Motors for use in a car commercial. However admirable the indie-rock trio’s motives, it seems strange to praise them for something they didn’t do. Luckily, their awesome third album provides ample reasons to get giddy about stuff they did do. The wonderful ‘Back To The Sea’ roars like a less introverted Sebadoh, while recent single ‘A Pillar Of Salt’ sees them come on like an American Cribs. So it’s no surprise to learn they’re opening for the Wakefield lot all next month. Venues have been primed to expect ‘thank you’ cards and flowers by the bundle.

James Jam
8 / 10

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