Album review: The Uglysuit

The Uglysuit

Facts about this album;

‘Chicago’ was written before The Uglysuit were officially a band.

The Uglysuit participate in pre-gig prayer circles before most shows.

The inspiration for The Uglysuit's name is quite literal: "We've always enjoyed dressing in ugly suits from thrift stores," says lead singer Israel Hindman."

Album review:

A doe-eyed 20-something climbs sadly aboard a departing Greyhound bus; Zach Braff waves despondently from the kerb, as music swells in picturesque melancholy. It sounds a bit like Oklahoma’s The Uglysuit, whose country-prog-post-rock-indie-orchestral ramblings recall, variously, Wilco, Bright Eyes, The Shins, Elbow, Ryan Adams, My Morning Jacket and the soundtrack for every emotionally self-indulgent US drama ever made. Yet, hearing the warm country musings of ‘Chicago’ or the aching two-note piano motif of ‘…And We Became Sunshine’, it’s hard not to settle into the seduction. Then, before you know it, you’ve watched the entire first series box set and it’s 3.40am. Damn. Emily Mackay
5 / 10

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