Album Review: The War On Drugs - 'Slave Ambient'

A well constructed release from the Philly three-piece

If this lot are attempting to wage war, it seems that at the moment the drugs are still very much winning. At points the Philly three-piece offer up some hypnotic, Bunnymen-esque basslines (‘Come To The City’), at others a vocal taken straight from Dylan’s own larynx (‘Brothers’).

The wonderful ‘Baby Missiles’ comes on like ‘Keep The Car Running’ crossed with classic Springsteen, yet following track ‘Original Slave’ is an unadulterated psychedelic wig-out. There are so many distinct yet intertwined influences peppered throughout ‘Slave Ambient’ it would be remarkably easy to lose the thread altogether. Yet somewhere in the haze it all just kind of… fits.

Lisa Wright
7 / 10

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