The Wave Pictures - 'City Forgiveness'

The record could have been something special, with a little more quality control.

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  • Release Date 21 Oct, 2013
  • Record Label Moshi Moshi
  • The Wave Pictures - 'City Forgiveness'
7 / 10
Double albums are tricky beasts, and it’s difficult to think of many that wouldn’t have benefitted from a little editing. The Wave Pictures’ fifth album for Moshi Moshi is no different. It starts brilliantly with the ragged Nick Cave-ness of ‘All My Friends’ and moves on to ‘Before This Day’, which, along with ‘Red Cloud Road (Part Two)’, would fit in well on Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’. The shiny world-beat seems incongruous next to the rest of the album, which borrows many a trick from Neil Young’s powerful, minimal guitar playing. ‘The Yellow Roses’ typifies the lull in the album’s mid-section, and is all the more annoying when you realise how special this record could have been with a little more quality control.

Andy Welch

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