Tiny Dancers

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Tiny Dancers The Great Escape 2006
Sometimes, perfectly good bands fall by the wayside. It’s a fact of life, and it usually happens to bands who ‘only’ write sweet guitar pop songs. It’s up to you, reader, to ensure that this does not happen to Yorkshire’s Tiny Dancers, whose debut is a lovely aural pipe-and-slippers, full of delightful harmonies, jaunty jollity and dewy-eyed sadness in equal measure. You should know ‘I Will Wait For You’ (which contains one of the oddest romantic lyrics ever: “When it’s late and your plants have died/I will wait for you”) but there’s a good half-dozen songs, notably ‘Ashes And Diamonds’ and ‘I’ve Got To Go’, that match it for simple, uncomplicated pop style. Go on, give them a cuddle.

Pete Cashmore
7 / 10

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