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Toni Braxton

Spanish Guitar (Arista)

Now that livin' la vida loca has become de rigueur for any American

'artist' desirous of record sales in the multimillions (we await Christina

's Spanish album with interest. No, really), evidently even R&B

royalty are finding it impossible to resist the murky allure of maracas and dodgy

dancing. Aware, perhaps, that she might appear disingenuous trying to pass

herself off as a valid participant in the Latin explosion, Ms Braxton has

instead opted for this: a mawkish ballad about being a groupie for a saucy

flamenco fella, with a little bit of authentic Spanish guitar thrown in for

flavour. All of which sounds harmless enough, in a

music-for-dinner-with-your-parents sort of way, until you apprehend the lyrics:

"I wish that I was in your arms like that Spanish

guitar/And you would play me through the night until the dawn...". Jesus.

If you ever find yourself singing along to that, you've really got something to

worry about.

April Long

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