Annuals: Big Zeus EP

Like Arcade Fire. Except insane

It used to be that bands were all pretty simple affairs: singer with stupid pout, guitarist with heroin addiction, bassist with no redeeming features, drummer with own van. Nowadays, thanks to The Polyphonic Spree and Arcade Fire, they’re multi-limbed collectives of mad preachers, flugel horn players making pop music that defies all earthy categorisation. Greetings, then, North Carolina’s Annuals – six hairy young people who were, NME’s best tests suggest, not born from human wombs, but cloned in a Petri-dish from the LSD-twisted DNA of Wayne Coyne. Behold, five tracks of trippy camp-fire singalongs, video-game bleeps, and post-rock rumbles – best being ‘Complete Or Completing’. Dreamy.