As sexy as a rusty speculum

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Chet Faker - 'Thinking In Textures'


Chet Faker – ‘Thinking In Textures’

The lead track from the ‘Thinking In Textures’ EP, which, as any interior designer will tell you, is excellent advice. Colour? Pah. Chet knows texture’s where it’s at: there’s roomy velveteen luxury in his arch ’90s R&B. Too bad, then, that he’s a terrible lyricist. You’re not rivalling Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ by crooning “[i]It’s not the honey/She’s on her knees/Naked in the bedroom/Whoa[/i]”. Whoa indeed. As sexy as a rusty speculum.

[i]Gavin Haynes[/i]


Record label:Chess Club
Release date:26 Mar, 2012