Dan Sartain: Replacement Man

The post-punk Cash comes out pistols a-blazin'

Since Johnny Cash sailed off to heaven to scoff baked beans from tin cups with John Wayne, we’ve been waiting for the next musical cowboy to slap our thighs, spin our pistols and, er, dig our heels into our horses’ buttocks to. Now, we’re in no way saying that Alabama-born Sartain is the next Cash, but he does have the collective spirits of a thousand scalped Lone Rangers swirling around in his cowhide boots, and his Cash-meets-Costello acoustic rollock, especially here on ‘Replacement Man’, is as exhilarating as a jet-propelled wagon chase. With bluegrass-loving Indians firing off arrows at them from the bushes, and Clint Eastwood cannoning the severed heads of The Shadows back at them from the roof.