Die Antwoord – ‘Ten$ion’

Interesting and experimental, but lacking hooks

Before the entire internet took to prodding at Lizzy Grant’s lips, it was quacking on about the supposed inauthenticity of South Africa’s Die Antwoord, whose schtick – a sort of white-trash 2 Unlimited with home-administered tattoos – might have been, gasp, slightly contrived (you’d have thought the playsuit stitched out of rats might have been a clue). There remains something viscerally appealing about the likes of ‘I Fink U Freaky’, merciless fairground techno peppered with machine-gun Afrikaans rapping, but as an album it feels a little short on hooks, falling back on some rather lunk-headed Diplo-meets-dubstep production tricks.

[i]Louis Pattison[/i]


Director: Die Antwoord
Record label: Zef Recordz/Downtown
Release date: 20 Feb, 2012