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Die Antwoord - 'Ten$ion'


Die Antwoord – ‘Ten$ion’

Before the entire internet took to prodding at Lizzy Grant’s lips, it was quacking on about the supposed inauthenticity of South Africa’s Die Antwoord, whose schtick – a sort of white-trash 2 Unlimited with home-administered tattoos – might have been, gasp, slightly contrived (you’d have thought the playsuit stitched out of rats might have been a clue). There remains something viscerally appealing about the likes of ‘I Fink U Freaky’, merciless fairground techno peppered with machine-gun Afrikaans rapping, but as an album it feels a little short on hooks, falling back on some rather lunk-headed Diplo-meets-dubstep production tricks.

[i]Louis Pattison[/i]


Director:Die Antwoord
Record label:Zef Recordz/Downtown
Release date:20 Feb, 2012