Doves : There Goes The Fear

Definitely the drunk-bicycling-through-a-meadow record of the week...

Judging by the kaleidoscopic buoyancy of mood encapsulated by the circling guitar figures and priapic bass, a truckload of high quality Ecstasy must’ve been abandoned outside [a]Doves[/a]’ studio during the recording of this track from their forthcoming ‘The Last Broadcast’ album. “[I]Think of me when you’re coming down/Don’t look back when you’re leaving town[/I]” murmurs Jimmy Goodwin, but the sense of regret is lightly etched. There’s just enough nostalgia for lost summers/girlfriends to link it spiritually to earlier Mancunian beat pop, but mostly ‘Fear’ is a beautifully spun haze of loved-up reassurance. The moping of earlier works is unlikely to be banished from [a]Doves[/a]’ style forever, but for the time being this is definitely the drunk-bicycling-through-a-meadow record of the week.

Roger Morton