Enter Shikari

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Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour…

Well, fuck me. A whole fortnight ahead of their time Enter Shikari become the first winners of the Shockwaves NME Awards 2007, picking up the John Peel Award for Innovation live onstage at their Astoria Awards show (catch the footage on the Awards broadcast: 11pm, Thursday, March 1, E4/11.40pm, Friday, C4). A sight more tasteful than dressing up as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz and the cracky one out of The Village People, we think you’ll agree. Amazingly, this is their first actual proper single. Now, innovation without tunes to back it up is about as useful as a dolphin in a hostage situation; so to do that very job we have songs such as ‘Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour…’. Some distance towards the rave end of their oeuvre it begins at the dribbliest point of 4am at a turn-of-the-century Gatecrasher, all spangled features and poppers fumes. Then, like Optimus Prime from the amazingly revived TransFormers, it does some nifty robot moves and turns itself into a big, fat monster truck and careers away into an emotional hardcore (but not actual emo) thunderstorm of an OC soundtrack song, drunk to the eyeballs on battery acid and the thrill of mad power. We’ve been kind of waiting for Enter Shikari’s demented trancecore idea to wear a bit gimmicky thin. It’s looking like that isn’t going to happen in the next half hour, if ever.