Future Of The Left


When it comes to supergroups, Future Of The Left are hardly world-renowned. They’re not The Traveling Wilburys, Cream or Blind Faith, yet they just about squeeze into the shared bracket thanks to harbouring the likes of Andy Falkous and Jack Egglestone of Cardiff’s late thunderous noise architects Mclusky, and Kelson Mathias of the even louder Welsh clatter rockers Jarcrew. Since forming almost three years ago and releasing their debut album, ‘Curses’, in September of last year, it’s fair to say the cluster-punk trio haven’t exactly set the mainstream ablaze – and thank Jeebus for that. This is the way that irrefutably mental music flourishes: in the underground, on the outskirts and away from the gaze of hungry record execs looking for the latest sacrificial cash cow. Future Of The Left are playing their own game and even though it seems a bit like Twister crossed with a furious all night session of Risk, it sounds like an awful lot of fun.

‘Manchasm’ is stupid, no doubt about it, but it’s far from silly. It’s a blistering jalopy ride through the nonsense poetry of Edward Lear, the straight-up hardcore of Fugazi and a fourth-set GCSE music class. In fact, it’s the type of thing that John Peel, were he with us today, would seize by the seven-inch sleeve and run giddily around the perimeter of Peel Acres with, declaring it the second coming of our lord Mark E Smith. Or maybe he’d just play it at half speed and mumble over the bleepy intro – who knows? What we do know is that “all he ever wanted was a detonator” is now our new favourite lyric to shout out at inappropriate moments, with “Colin is a pussy/A very pretty pussy” coming in at a very close second. Colin, by the way, is Jack Egglestone’s cat, who you can sport mooching around and being all feline in the ‘Manchasm’ video. Now, you don’t get that from The Enemy, do you?