Good Shoes: Photos On My Wall

Thamesbeat janglers’ New Year celebration anthem

Morden is a dour, vaguely-menacing Northern Line-terminus suburb that casts a kind of bristly inertia over all who reside there – including, evidently, Good Shoes. ‘Photos On My Wall’ is an insouciant shrug of a record, immaculately strummed and thrillingly facile. It says, ‘We could write a symphony but frankly we can’t be jizzed’ before jerking to a halt at least a minute before it should, probably because there’s something good on telly, with singer Rhys Jones yelping the phrase, “So-oh so-oh so-oh so-oh arrogant”. So they’re even sending up the fact that they know they’re cocky little sods, without ever suggesting they intend to pull their socks up anytime soon.

There will be hungrier bands petitioning for your attention in 2007, but right now, in that black hole between Christmas and New Year, Good Shoes articulate exactly how you feel: bored, a little bit superior, and with a nagging tune going round inside your head that your brain’s too sherry-numbed to think of a proper chorus for. New Year in Morden just got noticeably happier.