Klaxons: Golden Skans

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Can they get any better?

Oh yeeeessss! Just as the annual booze blitz of Christmas brings with it the Nurofen haze of January, so Klaxons’ destiny is written in future NMEs, as yet unpublished. By Glasto, their glowstick anthems will have swept the country to the degree that Monkey-mania will seem as exciting as a Snow Patrol soundcheck. By August they’ll be jamming with OutKast, Prince and Lovefoxxx as last-minute additions to the Diana Tribute gig. By December they will guest edit the Christmas NME – an issue constructed entirely from perspex, coloured gas and hieroglyphics. The catalyst for this? Like The Sleepy Jackson’s ‘Good Dancers’ crossed with The Jacksons’ ‘Can You Feel It’ it’s the sound of indie-funk as the gods imagined it. And wait until you see the video…