Kravitz, Lenny : Stillness Of Heart

...lacks any appeal at all...

There are few sights in life more bizarre than that of Lenny Kravitz, spatula in hand, hunched over a camping stove as batter swills around in a frying pan, yelping “What are you tryin’ to make, here?” Before suggesting, with an outraged flourish: “[I]Crepes?!?[/I]”.

This, it turns out, is what happens when you stay in on Friday nights and decide to watch a chat show hosted by Jonathan Ross. ‘Stillness Of Heart’, meanwhile, is what happens when you’ve only managed three decent singles over a career spanning 12 years, and then churn out [I]another[/I] one which sounds exactly the same, ie full of ‘rock and roll’ (yuk) bluster ‘n’ self importance, but lacks any appeal at all.

Peter Robinson