She’s Got You High

Because girls are drugs, do you see? They’re expensive, they mess with your head, you should never buy any off the blokes outside Camden Tube station and, if yours happen to be of sufficient quality, rock bands will invariably try to nick them off you. Obviously there’s never been a drug that’s made you shower more often, go to IKEA or watch The Devil Wears Prada, but, you know, ‘Golden Brown’, ‘There She Goes’, girls are drugs, right?

And here are Mumm-Ra, giddy on the oestrogen headrush. “She’s got you high/And you don’t even know yet” murmers singer Noo over the twangle of a lovestruck guitar and the hum of an orchestra shipped in from the soundtrack to The Holiday, and suddenly the charmed opening slot of the Shockwaves NME Awards Indie Rock Tour works its magic once more. Having blown the rest of the bill clean offstage in January. With their sprawling pop epics, and on the verge of delivering one of the year’s most expansive and impressive debut albums, now they blast past their roadmates musically with this choral-pop wonder, designed to tear Westminster Abbey several new vestibules, albeit with a sour undertaste. “We’ve lost romance/This world has turned so see-through” Noo concludes with a sullen sense of hope, learning the hard way that love, too, has its comedown. Plus, crack will never intimately describe your genitals to its giggling mates after three bottles of gin.