It’s interesting how we still tend to equate authenticity in art with suffering – or rather, conspicuous displays of pain. So just because Dave Grohl is frequently photographed smiling and seems a reasonably well-adjusted guy, people have difficulty regarding the Foo Fighters as anything other than competent mosh merchants, while this week’s dark-clad frown-on-a-stick – Billy Corgan, for instance – is an obviously deep and meaningful guy. Suffice to say, ‘Generator’ kicks existential butt with the best of ’em and even has the grace to sound like it was made by a proper band, not a bunch of actors playing to cue cards. It’s got a talk box, too, y’know that bendy tube that makes your voice sound like an android pretending to play a guitar solo. A device popularised by Peter Frampton. If that’s not suffering, what is?