V-Twin Delinquency Domino


Delinquency (Domino)

In real life Domino’s answer to the [a]Jesus & Mary Chain[/a], everything

seems to have gone a bit weird around at [a]V-Twin[/a]’s house. The cover of this

record features a man in shades playing the bongos. Inside, [a]V-Twin[/a] have

given over one of their traditionally scuzzy bursts of lo-fi rock’n’roll to a

host of ‘name’ remixers. Jagz Kooner (of Primal Scream/Regular

Fries fame) turns it into a pulsating Suicide freak-out, while
Gareth Jones (of, er, Depeche Mode fame) doesn’t really do much. On

the other side, though, you get Adam & Eve (aka Neil and
Jennifer from Royal Trux) ‘remixing’ the song to such a radical and

brilliant extent that you suspect they’ve just re-recorded the song with them on

it. Good idea.

James Oldham